After seventeen years of silent persistence, he used his ingenuity to build a world brand of Chinese masks, and he interpreted the highest meaning of life with quality.


China is proud of its brand, and the world is proud of its brand. Great things in the world should be done carefully, and difficult things in the world should be done easily. Half a year ago, many people thought that masks were ordinary labor protection products. However, there is one business that has persisted in this industry for 17 years.







Weini is a professional respirator company integrating design, R&D, production and sales, and adopts multi-standard production to meet the diversified global market. Not only have we obtained a number of national patents, but last year, we stopped work for nearly a year and waited for the European standard upgrade certification. Today, Mr. Cao Haoquan, chairman of Guangzhou Weini Technology Development Co., Ltd., is here to share with us the story of China's quality of life.


Veney masks are made of non-toxic, odorless, non-allergic and non-irritating materials. Humanized design, high-standard material selection, high filtration efficiency, and low breathing resistance are our manufacturing standards, while meeting the requirements of wearing safety and safety. Breathe easily. And adopt multi-standard production to meet the diversified global market.



The company mainly produces and sells four series of industrial protective masks, professional anti-smog masks, civilian masks and sports masks. All products have passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and strictly implement the ISO quality system production operation to ensure product quality.


All masks conform to the national standard GB2626-2019 "Respiratory Protective Equipment Self-priming Filter Respirator". The company has a national industrial product production license, a special labor protection product safety sign certificate, and an EN149:2001+A1:2009 European protective mask production qualification.


61 types of masks have obtained FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3 quality grade certification respectively. Weini sports masks have obtained double patents in the State Patent Office. The chairman of the company, Mr. Cao Haoquan, was awarded the honorary titles of chairman of the China Mask Industry Expert Committee and member of the Anti-counterfeiting Working Committee of the China Consumer Rights Protection Foundation.